custom build bikes for sale


Build your own beach cruiser Custom

This is your big chance to design your Limited Edition Custom build Cruiser Bicycle

 We specialize in building a bicycle that is custom fit to you and your riding needs

 Anyone who likes bicycles has at some point probably fantasized about it - getting their own one-of-a-kind custom-made bike

Another great all original 1967 Schwinn collegiate 5 speed bicycle for sale
Just tuned up and ready to go
Still Original tubes and tires
Generator lights that still works!

For sale!
This is 1972 Olympia all original Italian road bike
10 speed, 27"x1/4 aluminum wheels and still Original tubes and tires
Just tune up and ready to go beautiful bike, nice condition and of course all Campagnolo components

We have beautiful all original 1952 Schwinn Hornet for sale, just tuned up with the new chain,tubes and tires/$425

here is another few bikes we just finished,completely custom with the springer fork,pin stripe,paint job,custom build wheels and more each bike is for sale for $499

For sale!
1967 schwinn fast back, all original in the mint condition, spend last 45 years in the attic
This is a chance of the lifetime to own the bike like this
We even use 1967 hand pump to air up the tires, so yes this bike is 100% original
Don't let it go come get it!

1951 HUFFY CAMARO completely restored for $949

1955 schwinn
please call for info and price

1955 western flyer 3 speed
please call for the price

1955 3 speed columbia paper boy bike
please call for price

1972 SCHWINN world tourist,all original $300

1963 SCHWINN TWINN for sale!
Awesome condition, still Original paint job, and all the components
We did dress it up just a little with brand new set of wheels, tires, tubes and fenders
You can have this beauty for $450

$300 for the 1972 schwinn Le tour, completely tuned up with the new tubes, tires, all the cables and housing, new grips, seat and the bearings

We have 1971 Bianchi road bike for sale

Completely tuned up with the new tubes, tires, all the cables, housings, bearings, bar tape and nice detailing job

Asking price $385 

We have a gorgeous all original 1951 Western flyer bicycle for sale
Just tuned up with all the new bearings new tubes new tires
This bad boy is ready for the next 70 years and it rides like a dream

We have another antique RALEIGH road bike for sale
Build in 1972, just tuned up with the new tubes, tires, all the cables, and bearings
Asking price $450
What do you guys think about the 42 years old Brooks saddle, still in the perfect condition!