Bicycle Restoration

The Bicycle Clinic offers Complete Restoration or Custom Painting of your Vintage, Antique or older model bicycles.

this is 1952 SCHWINN crank set/skip tooth we just re chromed for the next restoration project
we do chrome!

We will Completely Restore or Repaint your bike to your specifications, including paint colors and replacing original decals, pin striping or updating either or both to fit your taste and style.


We also offer free pick and delivery to the North Florida region and free return 
gold flakes baby!!!

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Another busy day in my spray booth today, lots of projects to finish before deadline

Another successful restoration of 1959 Columbia 2 speed bicycle
Completely restored and re chromed
I would like to thank everybody for support and like the bicycle clinic

This is another beautiful 2 tone paint job we just finished for the customer last night
The only thing left is to install all the components and he will be ready to roll first thing tomorrow morning

This is another custom build bicycle, just finished with few hours before deadline
Custom build frame with the front suspension fork 8 speed internal Shimano hub, super sparkly killer gold paint job, custom build wheels with the front disc, and of course Brook saddle with a matching Brooke grips

This is 1958 JC Higgins before and after pic
Completely restored,re painted and re chromed
Beautiful two tone metallic sky blue with light vanilla
This is another great surprise from husband to wife to bring the childhood memories back to life

This is by far my favorite bicycle restoration ever
1937 road master owned by the same lady since new,she was only 8 years old
After 3 months of restoration it's finally ready
We re chromed all rusty parts,re build the wheels,skip tooth chain and sprocket,matched the paint with double clear on the top
I hand made the rear kick stand
She is coming tomorrow to pick up and I just can't wait the see the look on her face

Another custom build bike just finished
Dyno stretch cruiser, with the custom paint job, silver flakes, custom build chrome wheels,with the nice aluminum 3 speed suicide shifter, re chromed fork and crank set,fixed all body work, comfortable seat monkey bars,and of course one of a kind aluminum grips
What a beauty!

1955 Schwinn Hornet,before and after pictures
Show room quality restoration
This is the Xmas surprise from husband to wife,I am sure this is going to be the best Xmas gift ever!

The customer asked me if we can restore her old walmart huffy bicycle 
I told her if that thing has pedals we can restore it!
She wanted to go with the sky blue,white handlebars,custom chrome wheels and white pinstripe with dolphin and the front and rear fender
Another happy customer!

Another project done, another happy customer

1972 Fuji special road racer, completely restored, with the matching paint and double clear coat on the top

This little guy is ready to be seen around, and proudly enjoy every single mile

Here is the 1941 Monark bicycle,before and after pic
Just restored for the customer up north,after 8 weeks of restoration
This one was in really bad shape,lots of body work,and fixing all the chrome
But the hard work always pays off,and we have another job done and another happy customer

1972 Schwinn Breeze 3 speed before and after pic
Almost 4 weeks of restoration,we re chromed and re spoke the wheels,re chromed and fixed the fenders,and of course the killer paint job with the light flakes

This girl is ready for the next 40 years!

We only had 36 hours to completely build this beautiful single speed bike with a custom build coaster brake wheels, and pearl white paint job with a double clear coat on a top

1952 schwinn black Hornet finally finished after almost 2 months of restoration work
All the parts has been sandblasted repainted, pinstriped and lots of parts has been re chromed to make the bike look original as possible

Another great project just finished this morning for the local customer
1972 Schwinn Varsity 10 speed road bike
Original paint job with new cables, new cable housings, new tires, new tubes and all original Re chromed parts and super hard to find original schwinn's handlebar tape

So far this been very very busy year for us restoring bicycles for the customers from all over the nation
This is 1949 Columbia bike I just finished this morning after almost 8 weeks of restoration
Another huge challenge for me but this bad boy it's ready to be put on the road after almost 70 years
Another job done another happy customer

Another restoration project finished this morning
1955 Columbia paperboy bike
Completely restored and re chromed with triple black paint job with golden stripes
Re paint and re spooked wheels with brand new 3 speed Nexus hub
And of course super comfortable Brooks saddle and we cannot forget coke bottles grips
USA all the way baby!

This 1955 western flyer bike was way to nice condition to be completely restored
So what I did, nice full detail with the touch up, original decals and of course 3 speed Nexus hub, with the original rims painted black and new stainless steel spokes with the white wall tires
What a classic!

Another restoration project just finished today after almost 4 weeks
1969 schwinn stingray, completely restored and re chromed,original condition
Customer request color change from green to glossy black

Here is another 1955 Schwinn cruiser that I restored this morning finally after almost 6 weeks of restoration
Pearl white paint job with custom pearl red racing stripes triple clear coat on a top
Original rims with red paint job white pinstripes stainless steel black spokes and of course 3 speed Nexus with 3 speed suicide shifter
Handmade wooden grips with super comfortable Brooke saddle and of course original matching front headlight

Another project finished this morning
Gravity aluminum road bike with purple custom paint job and the triple clear coat on a top

Another beautiful bike just finished this morning after almost 10 weeks of restoration, 1950 Schwinn hornet skip tooth, completely restored and rechromed, we did change the color like the customer request

This is 1952 Schwinn black phantom completely restored and re chromed, after almost 10 week of restoration this bad boy is ready to go back on the road, and i was super fortune to handmade original key to lock up the front fork
We did change the color like the customer request

Here is super cool road bike made by Fetish Cycle, we just finished for the customer with a brand new custom paint job, carbon fiber fork and campagnolo centaur 10 speed components

another fun project the customer sent from Virginia,push scooter with the rear drum brakes
after 3 weeks of restoration,going back to the owner


Here we go again after 3 months of hard work this bad 
boy is finally done, completely restored re rechromed

 showroom condition, 1955 SCHWINN CORVETTE 

ready to be shipped to the original owner first thing tomorrow morning

this is the custom build bike we donate to Donna Deegan cancer foundation, awesome paint job, pinstripe and custom build wheels

LOW RIDER BIKE here is another fun project we build for the local customer,all chrome completely twisted low rider

tandem bike
We only had 48 hours to completely fix all the dents paint the frame and fork with a clear coat on the top and pin stripe it for the customer from Orlando but this bad boy is finally done, another happy customer 

here is another bike we just restored for the customer,it is 1995 RALEIGH retrogilde one,aluminium frame,single speed with the coaster brakes
we completely repainted the bike,re spooked the wheels,2 tone paint job,with hand pin stripe,re chromed the bars,stem and crank set
this bike was the biggest challenge for me so far

so,what do you guys think?super cool ride,ha?
1995 RALEIGH retroglide one

here is few more custom build bikes we just finished,with the springer fork,pin stripe,custom paint job,custom wheels and more,each bike is for sale for $499

1976 RALEIGH grand prix frame and fork,completely restored,repainted and rechromed
new head set with 100% all original stickers
ready to ship the frame back to the customer

this is custom paint ELECTRA beach cruiser frame 
with double clear coat

 Here is another project we did for the customer aluminum road bike frame with carbon fiber fork
He decided to go with flat black

we do have over 300 different colors to choose from

 1967 SCHWINN TWINN/completely restored,re chromed and re painted with double clear coat
as you can see all the parts has been re chromed and repainted,this is how we give the bike the same look like back in the days
we do not use any after market parts
this restoration tooke me almost 8 weeks

 1963 MURRAY METEOR FLITE/completely restored,re chromed and repainted with double clear coat
hand pinstriped
4 weeks of restoration project and now going back to to original owner back to Tennessee
i am sure he will enjoy every single mile riding this beauty!

 Here is another project we just finished few hours before deadline, this is a Christmas gift for wife to husband, and 3 weeks later this bad boy is finally done
She wanted to surprise him with totally restoration, re chroming and custom build lowrider trike for him
He waited for this for almost 10 years and now this is going to be the best Christmas gift ever for him

We just finished MURRAY little tricycle it is 1961 the lady had it brand new when she was 3 years old and now almost 50 years later the trike it's ready to go back on the road and this was the Christmas gift from her husband,well how cool is this

 Here we go again, after almost 12 days this bad boy is finally done just a couple hours before deadline
Brand new candy red paint job with double clear coat on the top, all the new bearings, all the cables, new headset new bottom bracket, custom made decals, and brand new Brooks saddle

this was the fun project
1975 schwinn stingray 3 SPEED bike

another fun project we did for the customer
all custom build JAGUAR bike
long board frame,single speed with coaster brakes
we do build custom bikes with life time warranty
we are taking order 7 days a week,please give us about 4 weeks to build your dream bike

this is the bike we build for the hard core steelers fan
this bike has been completely custom build and it is one of a kind custom cruiser
are you hard core football fan?you have your favorite team?looking for the custom build bike?
we can do it!
please contact us if you have any questions about the build,or build cost

 this is all custom 3G VENICE beach cruiser build for the customer to match his brand new truck
brand new baby blue pearl paint job with custom 2 tome pin striping and double clear coat

 another bike completely restored to the show room condition,it is 1968 SCHWINN DE LUXE BREEZE 3 speed
over 6 weeks restoration process

 and here we shine again/1968 SCHWINN COLLEGIATE sport completely restored,repainted and re chromed
6 weeks of restoration process but well worth!
this bike is ready for the next 45 years

we do re chrome,re spoke and re build old wheels

we do restore the old seats all day long
please call us with any question you have

1963 SCHWINN TWINN finally done,completely restored,repainted,rechromed,respoked and more
this bad boy is ready to go and cruise around the florida beaches for the long time

 here we go,after 6 weeks of restoration this bad boy is ready to go for the next 60 years
1953 SCHWINN WORLD 3 speed completely restored,repainted and re chromed

 1953 SCHWINN/TRAVELER completely restored and rechromed to original condition,2 speed lick back with coaster brakes,ready to go back on the road after almost 60 years,what a beauty!

 this is the old set of wheels,they are about 68 years old and this is how we professionally restore,re chrome,and re spoke  the wheels
so please before you restore your bike contact us if you have any questions and we be glad to help

 here are the pic of the bike i just restored for the customer,he found  the frame in the dumpster few months ago and decided to rescue it,send it to me and get the bike completely restored
the bike is finally done,ready to be shipped to the new owner
i am sure he will ride this bike proud and tell stories to his friends and cyclists 

 here we go again,another project just finished
1965 WORKSMAN tandem,completely restored the way customer request it
he is the the owner of PAMLICO TOWER inc,and here is his new ride

 here we go,after almost 10 weeks of restoration the1958 JOHN DEERE bike is finally done

we do wood grain all day long,check out our new frame set for $299.99 

 and here we go again,the bad boy is finally done!

 another restoration job is done/1963 SCHWINN hollywood,before and after pic,same proud owners since new

 another restoration project,1955 SCHWINN/corvette
this guy is still one and only original owner since new!

 she is ready/1970 beach cruiser SEARS,just restored and ready for the next 40 more years

 check out our new custom paint job single speed bike

 another bike restored/1963 SCHWINN american

 1955 HUFFY completely restored with custom wooden grain paint job

1937 ELGIN/before and after pic 

 1955 J.C. HIGGINS/before and after pic

1958 SCHWINN/HOLLYWOOD before and after pic

1975 COPPI road bike/before and after pic 

1959 SCHWINN CORVETTE/before and after pic

1985 BOSS cruiser/before and after pic

 this was a fun project/little 12" trike,before and after pic

1949 ARMSTRONG/completely restored,it toke me about 5 weeks to finish it

all custom,single speed bike/TAXI

1959 SCHWINN fleet/before and after pic

TREK 5200/before and after pic

all custom/single speed bike

single speed bike/american flag design

1979 SEARS beach cruiser/before and after 

custom single speed TT bike

bamboo/custom paint job

wooden grain/custom pant job

completely restored/1958 schwinn spit fire

wooden grain/custom paint job

another custom work

before and after pictures/restoration project

flames/custom paint job

before and after pictures/univega road bike

check out our new BAMBOO bicycle wrap
you like what you see?
let us wrap your ride

wooden grain custom paint job

bamboo beach cruiser

before and after pictures/schwinn corvette

custom 29er

1945 western flyer

before and after pictures/1972 JOHN DEERE